About us

Yashinoya Trading and Construction Company Ltd. was incorporated as a limited liability Company on 12th September, 2001.  It is a locally owned Company employing a workforce of 21 dynamic young persons with over 10 years work experience. The Company began trading in importation of Motor Vehicle Spares from 2001 to 2008. Thereafter the Company branched into Supplies and Construction of Roads, Dams and Boreholes.

Over the last 5 years the Company has diversified into civil and engineering works in the Construction of roads, dams and boreholes. Areas of work include construction of new roads, desiltation of earth pans and reservoirs, construction of pans and water dams. The Company has invested in capital by acquiring a number of heavy equipment and machinery which include various bulldozers, a water drilling rig and a Dragline.

A transport Division is in place for transportation of heavy equipment and machinery.

Our Vision
To be a leading Construction firm giving service with integrity in the East African Region

Our Mission
To be efficient in service delivery in the area of Building and Civil Engineering works.